Contaminated Water

Continued from previous articles has been admin post, in this occation we try to talk about contaminated water. On a paticle past, we had talked about the polluted water caused industrial waste from the industrial activity or domestic waste from daily domestical activity.

Okay, let start to discuss a topic in this time, that is contaminatedwater. In general there are several parameter used to identify the water pollution in the neighborhood, that is :

1. Chemical Parameters

There is some parameters chemistry in general for identification of the environmental pollution with the parameters of CO2, pH, alkalinity, phosporus and sometimes heavy activity.

2. Biochemical Parameters

Covering BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), which is the number of oxygen contained or dissolved in water. The measurement method of BOD was to keep sample water that have been known the oxygen content. BOD used to measure many organic pollution. In  normal and naturally, water pH levels in 6.5 - 8.5. The acidity of the water can be measured with litmus paper. Another example is oxygen inside content of drinking water should not be less than 3 ppm.

3. Physical Parameters

Covering temperature, colour, flavour, smell, clarity and the radioactive material.

4. Biological Parameters

Include organic and no organic materials or microorganism like bacteria, virus, coliform, plankton and benthos. The sensitive organism will die in the polluted water. And the example : the existence of a slug of water and planaria in rivers or the waters area showed the water is not polluted.

And then, there is a some general indicators for difference polluted water and not polluted water. One indicator that can show the level of groundwater contamination there is by analyzing in the laboratory. As simpely, we can obseerve physically on the quality of water that has decreased. For example yhe physically observation for groundwater that has been contaminated is :