The Water

Who doesn't know our earth consisting of water, land, and the air? Water, land and air as always is a source of life. A living organism need water, ground in the land and of course air for life and sustain for life.

Well, this time we try to discuss about the water. Every living organism need water. We also need clean water, not contaminated and good water. So, how about if all the water in our earth be polluted?

Water become polluted by many factors. And One of them is waste. Waste is basically resulting from a production process both industrial and domestic (households). It means, the industrial process and domestic activity be a source of waste and make the water had polluted. 

And then, how do we prevent if all the water on the earth not polluted? The surely answer as much as possible and small level don't throw any kind of waste to the environment. It because slightest garbage will be to waste that can be caused lowered quality in ground water.

Talking about the industrial and domestical activity that can be lowered ground water quality, water is big up his role as contributors to the polluters against the water. Many waste from the industrial world can be very dangerous for the environment more so if disposed free into the environment. The environment must be broken when constantly torrential with waste. When the environment had been broken, the life of all living beings therein will surely disturbed.

Therefore, the industries are required to be always participated to environments with doing to monitor and manage the resulting from activities production each. The industries required to know and understand what and how the way to handle waste that will be resulting from its operations their each industry, so that waste can be managed and didn't polluted environment.

Last few years ago, all the goverment around the world start unison assert and promote to every industries for manage each waste resulting from their respective industries. This action could be help to prevent water from polluted waste for protect water quality.

Ok, now lets we start talking about how to running for monitoring activities and environmental management. One of the efforts for doing monitor, control and managing the waste by way in coorperation with the parties external competent in their respective fields. For the example hazardous and toxic material waste and non hazard and toxic material waste in coorporation with some consultant who is services provided for consultation waste water treatment produced, while to monitor the air quality, water and soil againist up impurities can be coorporated with the laboratory environment service provided and consultation in order to checked on the up impurities. 

Well, there might be an asking what is meant the laboratory of environment? Laboratory of environment is laboratory service that give services to provided for examination environment. Next, whats thing to be examined in the laboratory? And for the topic this time is water, we will discussing for examination water course in this occasion.

Domestic waste and industrial waste equally pollute the environment. Suppose it domestic waste water, the domestic water carelessly discarded will pollute the ground water quality. Although is harmless like heavy metal waste, but domestic waste also could influence and pollute ground water because that absorption into the ground otherwise monitored and managed with well and correctly. For example by making septic tank that is good and right and not pollute the ground and ground water around.

Next, we will turn to industrial waste. In Indonesian and especially Java Island, there are many once industry with various commodities and industries activities. As small as everything connected with industrial waste, still will affect the quality of environment and no exception ground water quality in environment. To forced, many industries making their own waste management installation. Well, in the process of these management needed analysis laboratory for sure the quality of the processing the water. For industrial activities  that can be done in environment industrial area, other than the principals the industry management area also obliged and will monitor output waste from each companyin industry area. The industrial park management area will also hard againist a company who does industrial activity in the area.

So, for industrial activities that can be held in industrial area, any water that where distributed from the activities of thats industry usually will be controlled before they were distributed to shelter the end of area. And then what about the industrial activities outside of the industrial area or around the residential area? Usually the responsibility of the waste water management industry in this area will be heavier than industrial activity inside industrial park area. For the industries in the around residential area should be more discipline to setting and managing their company. The industries in this region also must well and correctly monitored the waste for make sure that can't be polluted the environment surrounding. The industries in around the residential area may not carelessly throw the waste to their surroundings, because it can bad for environment and be the surrounding society the plant. For that, the waste must be well and correctly treated to prevent water around the neighborhood stay tainted.

After the activity of management waste water, the industries also have to do monitoring waste water. It's meant to waste water which has been well managed., also must be monitored, so that not impact the environment about to up impurities. The efforts activities to environmental monitoring and management has documented at regular intervals in the once in every six month.

We go back to the early topic, what is the purpose for we can maintain the quality of water in the environment? That so terrifying if we imagine all the water has been polluted with waste. How the human life if all the water has been defiled by waste, while their everyday life everyone who live in the earth are needed water to live and their lives.

The importance of maintaning the quality of water from early , is investment for survival in the surface of the earth in the future. Because water living element with the circulation life as an essential part in the earth. For our information, nearly 71 percent of water has covering the surface of the earth. As about 95.6 percent freshwater where 1.7 percent of them shaped ice in the polar region and in the mountain's peak. While, for human in body scale, water also very important role is because the water have an important vital role in metabolism process. And if all the water defiled waste, what happens if that everybody in the process of their metabolism is everytime marred by contaminated waste water? Do you scare about it?

Hence, back to ourself what we do to keep our natural resources especially water what is a very important element to live and human life. And one messages that should be given on each ourselves is "We make water as a companion human life, so we should be able give special attention related to its preservation".